Ubuntu Server Cheat Sheet


There's a ton of configuration you have to do to set up a new computer as an Ubuntu server. Whether its a rack server, a raspberry pi, or some embedded machine, here is a cheat sheet for the most common tasks.

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Syncing Obsidan to iOS using Dropbox


It was said to be impossible, but I finally have obsidian on my iPhone fully in sync with my obsidian vault in dropbox on my windows computer...

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Creating a Linux Service with Systemd


The best way to run something at startup on a linux machine is by creating a service. This process can be finnicky and error prone, so here is a quick guide.

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Beginner's Guide to Contributing on Github


Open source is a term used to describe software where the source code is publicly available. Open source software has many advantages over programs where the source code is hidden to the public. One is that anyone can implement features or fixes. This helps the program adapt to the needs of its users, since the users often the one designing new features. It also is a great introduction to team based software development.

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